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ACM Vending Program for Agents


Each Cellphone Charging Machine has the ability to vend for a profit. Customers are willing to pay a nominal fee to
re-charge their mobile device while on the go. The great thing about vending with Cellphone Charging Machines is that,

You actually have no inventory to keep track of and virtually no employees to pay. Everything is done automatically by the Cellphone Charging Machine.

The vending revenue model is simple. $1 for a 15 minute charge to your mobile device. The ACM collects the money and stores it until you come and pick it up. The optional credit card system can eliminate having to collect any money from your ACMs. You will be responsible for your own credit card fees associated with your merchant account should you choose to go the credit card route.

Cellphone Power has both systems of accepting cash and credit cards from your customers. You will decide this upon getting started in the program. The cash system eliminates all other fees for collecting funds from customers and has a higher return on investment.

Vending Revenue Stream - the cost to re-charge a mobile phone or device
Premium Vending - $2 to $5 per charge ( usually in high-volume, high-traffic areas )
$1 Quick Charge - $1 for 15 mins, covers most cell phones and mp3 players

Each ACM averages about 100 - 500 paid charges a month.
This will depend on the event, location and traffic flow.


A Vending example would be:


Turner Field Stadium/ Atlanta Braves - 31,000+ fans each game.

Using a very conservative rate, Our Cellphone Charging Machines charge in 15 minute cycles. With our $1 Quick Charge System, ACMs should average about 5 cellphones per cycle very easily considering the audience. That's 20 charges per hour for a 6 hour time frame per game. That equates to about 120 charges per game. There are roughly 95 home games at Turner Field Stadium each year.

120 charges per game times 95 games equals to $11,400 per season on average for vending revenue only. A Turner Filed placement is for a 5 year term with the first right to renew. An ACM placement in Turner Field Stadium could possibly yield a total of $57,000 or more over a 5 year period. After 5 years, your placement can be renewed for $500 per year for another 5 year term.

Cellphone Charging Business, Cellphone




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